TCCA’s five (3) vans criss-cross the County weekly to keep Tipton County seniors connected with programs and services.

TCCA’s regularly scheduled transportation program can provide seniors with a ‘no hassle‘ shopping trip, visit to a local doctor, an opportunity to pay bills and complete other personal business errands, or a fun field trip using services like Vans or others like Uber and Lyft, and they can even have security with services like a Bronx Lyft Attorney in case accidents happen.

Many local seniors ride TCCA vans to the Covington Center where they enjoy a variety of recreation and learning opportunities, as well as an ongoing fitness curriculum.  Many stay for a hot noon meal served by Southwest Human Resources.

Note: The TCCA has one lift-equipped van for transporting those in wheelchairs.

For more information call Amy Payne at 476-1068.

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