There are four kinds of people in the world…

those who are caregivers,

those who will be caregivers,

those who have been caregivers

and those who will need caregivers!

Rosalynn Carter, Former First Lady

Tipton County Caregiver Wellness Groups

Purpose: To encourage and strengthen all residents of Tipton County who are actively providing care for a friend or family member. Funded through the National Family Caregivers Act (OAA)- Title III, the United Way of the Mid South and private donations. The TCCA sponsors four Wellness Group meetings each month. These meetings are planned and facilitated by TCCA staff and volunteers. Meetings may be training sessions and include technical or educational information beneficial to caregivers or may be simply a support session of sharing and discussing common challenges and concerns. Because confidentiality is of major concern to both sponsors and caregivers the motto of these groups is “what is said here stays here.” And because it is so very important that caregivers remember to care for themselves first so that they remain healthy and able to care for their loved ones, another very important motto for our caregivers is “respite, just do it!”

All of our caregiver programs are listed below:

Lunch Bunch Caregivers Wellness Group

Aging to Life Caregivers Wellness Group

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